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Photo Gallery



A Job Well Done
Aja & Inka
Bad to the bone, these three are! ;)
Barn Princess Inka
Barn security force
Bunny says, "NO CARROTS, tuna please"
Carin with Claudia Tenney and Cynthia & Jim DuRoss
Christmas luncheon
Christmas luncheon aftermath.....
Dakota and Emmy
Ellen Henrie & Rohwin
First Aid Seminar with Dr. Kotwica
Glamour Shot
Go Julia!
Heated Arena, "Here We Come!"
Inka & Michelle
Inka and Nemo
Jean Raposa & Marcantonio
Karthy Bryan & Michelle
Mary Jordan - Paralympian & Rubicon w/Carin
Meeting Michelle..
Michelle & Rohwin
Michelle - Cam
Michelle - Cam 2
Pedicure Day! Dawn and Dakota
Sushi Night
The Moose River Farm crew
Traquejo and Voltaire
Working Students, Julia and Ryan
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