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Our Trainer

Michelle LaBarre is an internationally competitive dressage trainer that has owned and operated LaBarre Dressage Training Center since 2006.  Voltra Farm has been her home base since 2016.  Voltra Farm is a perfect facility for Michelle to work from.  The 16 stall  barn allows Michelle to keep track of all of the horses in her training progrm.  And the facility itself allows for both healthy and safe  living for horses as well as the opportunity for Michele to train in all weather on excellent footing in a quiet and stress free environment. 

Working with Michelle LaBarre, students can expect to get the benefit of Michelle's own devoted study of dressage.  Of special note, and particular influence, are Michelle's seven months as a working student for Herr Egon von Neindorff.  At the Reitinstitut von Neindorff in Karlsruhe, Germany daily lessons on the longe and lessons on his Lippizan horses taught Michelle a tremendous amount about the classical seat and helped develop her understanding of the biomechanics behind correct riding posture.  This is possibly the chief hallmark of Michelle's teaching and training.  She is well known for her advanced longe lessons and always has a wait list for this rare and most valuable asset to any serious dressage rider's success.

Upon returning from Germany, Michelle met her 15 years mentor, Carel Eijkenaar.  Mr. Eijkenaar, himself a devoted student of Georg Theodorescu, formed Michelle's thinking as a trainer.  He taught her to understand the training scale and to use it with creativity and flexibility.  Michelle brought every type of horse - in conformation, in character, and in breed, into her lessons in order to develop the breadth and depth of knowledge that she uses to approach the horses that come into her program.  This is true whether she is starting a young horse or fine tuning your Grand Prix horse.  Currently, Michelle works with FEI Four Star judge Agnes Majewska and also seeks guidance from Arthur Kottas.

Sending your horse into training with Michelle will mean your horse gets fantastic care and attention.  Michelle is honest with you.  She does the training herself and works towards your expressed goals for you and your horse.  Because of this, each program is tailor made.  Michelle is willing to consider all levels of rider and horse.  Please contact Michelle directly to design a program to reach your goals.

As a coach, Michelle works best with students committed to their development as riders.  She is happy to work with competitive and non competitive riders on any type of horse and in any discipline.  Regardless of your goals.  Michelle will treat you with respect.  She will work tirelessly to help you understand your body, your horse's body and perspective, and help you break through the psychological limitations that haunt all of us in our pursuit of excellence in this sport.  Michelle offers lessons in various forms.

                 •  In house lessons  •  Trailer in lessons  •  Lessons on the Longe  •  Online lessons  •  Off site clinics  •  Show coaching  •

For more information about Michelle and her program, you can visit her website at  To inquire about fitting into her lesson program, please contact Michelle directly at either or via the Voltra Farm Contact Us page.


Frederick Magazzeni, Trainer-Findlay College

Not many of us in our generation have or take the opportunity to grab hold of truly classical ideals. I think that as our trainers from the previous generation retire, truly correct dressage riding will be more difficult to find. Thanks to huge improvements in breeding, riders have access to horses that can let them get away with less-than-correct riding. That is good for us now, but in the future, who will be able to help us?

I think we will be lucky to know the few of the young generation that have studied and committed themselves to classical ideals. To know the young masters will be our saving grace, and in that respect I am glad to have known and followed Michelle’s example.

I have had the good fortune of gleaning and learning from her for more than ten years and certainly owe her much credit for my development. Without our good friendship and her vastly superior teaching and understanding, I would never have made it on the path I am on now.

From long distance phone calls about troubled horses that had me stumped, to career changing decisions, to the valuable time we share in the arena, Michelle has always had my best interest at heart.

So, I raise my proverbial glass to my (hands down) best instructor, trainer, friend I have ever had, and I will say thank you Michelle for all your help, so far and all that will come in the future.