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Michelle Labarre

Michelle LaBarre was formally introduced to dressage as a student at Houghton College. Though she rode her entire life, her riding experience was based in jumping and competitive trail and some western riding. At the end of her junior year, Michelle became certified as a Master Instructor for both the English and Western disciplines and was also recommended to become a Clinic Instructor for the Certified Horsemanship Association. Two years later she achieved the same level of certification for instructors of Riders with Disabilities. Michelle traveled around the country to participate in certifying riders through the CHA and also gave lectures at several CHA International Conferences.

After graduating from college Michelle went to Karlsruhe Germany to train with Herr Egon von Neindorff. Under the tutelage of this great master and his students, Michelle spent seven months on the longe line and in group lessons on his Lippizan horses. She returned to Houghton College to teach  in the Equestrian Program and to train horses. This is when she met current trainer and mentor, Carel Eijkenaar.

Michelle moved to Nova Scotia, Canada to work at the Atlantic Dressage Development Center. She was hired to develop a lesson program and improve the quality of riding but was quickly asked to become head trainer. The opportunity to open her own facility in order to continue working closely with her trainer moved her back to upstate NY where she opened LaBarre Dressage Training Center. After a few years in NY, Michelle relocated her training yard to northeastern PA to her own private facility which grew into a very active training center. She is a sought after clinician who travels all over the northeast to reach her students.

As a trainer, Michelle has corrected and advanced the training of many school masters, has started a variety of young horses and has helped develop many horses into better athletes for their owners. She is very proud to have earned her silver medal on her self-trained pony, Miakoda, who was born in the wild and is currently working on all of the Grand Prix movements. Though competitive riding is not her primary focus, Michelle enjoys what it teaches her and her horses.

Many of Michelle's students are highly competitive and have been represented in international competitions in both Morgan and Arab Associations. She has many highly competitive and successful Eventing riders, through the advanced levels, who have sought out Michelle to help them improve their dressage. Michelle also has many successful dressage students, including several of her working students, who have earned their bronze and silver medals with her coaching and training. Michelle is just as proud of her non-competitive students, who have developed artistry and feel in the saddle and inspire her daily.

Michelle LaBarre has relocated her training to Voltra Farm and looks forward to continuing her education under her trainer, Carel Eijkenaar and to continue to inspire her students to greatness.

Lessons for Beginners through advanced start at $80.00

Lessons for owners whose horses are in full training $70.00

Please contact Michelle directly for training fees and programs:




Frederick Magazzeni, Trainer-Findlay College

Not many of us in our generation have or take the opportunity to grab hold of truly classical ideals. I think that as our trainers from the previous generation retire, truly correct dressage riding will be more difficult to find. Thanks to huge improvements in breeding, riders have access to horses that can let them get away with less-than-correct riding. That is good for us now, but in the future, who will be able to help us?

I think we will be lucky to know the few of the young generation that have studied and committed themselves to classical ideals. To know the young masters will be our saving grace, and in that respect I am glad to have known and followed Michelle’s example.

I have had the good fortune of gleaning and learning from her for more than ten years and certainly owe her much credit for my development. Without our good friendship and her vastly superior teaching and understanding, I would never have made it on the path I am on now.

From long distance phone calls about troubled horses that had me stumped, to career changing decisions, to the valuable time we share in the arena, Michelle has always had my best interest at heart.

So, I raise my proverbial glass to my (hands down) best instructor, trainer, friend I have ever had, and I will say thank you Michelle for all your help, so far and all that will come in the future.