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Our Trainer


Classical Dressage is a tradition that has been passed on from trainer to student through the centuries.  And like anything, some people elevate their work to the level of art.  George Theodorescu was such an artist and Carel Eijkenaar was his most committed and talented student. Like a sculptor, Mr. Theodorescu was able to see the individual beauty and character in each horse.  The young horse was his raw material.  With time and patience and refined skill, he discovered what each horse was meant to become.  

This creative spirit was passed on to Carel Eijkenaar.  By closely watching ‘Georgie’ in the saddle and by sitting on his horses, Carel learned to be an artist, just like his mentor. Of course, each of us needs to find our own way of expressing ourselves while continuing to carry on the great tradition passed to us.  Carel discovered that beyond his great skill at bringing out the talent and athleticism in every horse, he also had the same skill as an educator.  And so, the student became the master and found he had much to say.  

Michelle LaBarre was seeking a master and a mentor and found exactly what she was looking for in Carel Eijkenaar.  She found an artist, an educator and a man committed to preserving the great art of Classical Dressage.  Michelle has been  a committed student of the system of training taught to her by Carel, taught to him by Theordorescu.  Like her mentor and his before him, Michelle strives to find the beauty and talent in each horse.  As a trainer and a teacher herself, she follows Carel’s methods and strives to keep the tradition going for the next generation.


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Michelle LaBarre