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In Times of Uncertainty

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There is so much to think about. So much to stress over. I was thinking yesterday about how differently we all handle stress in our lives. And when we are stressed, it is easy to start judging other people for their stress management strategies. That got me thinking about how different types of horses handle stress and fear. Not a single horse person reading this would expect the same response to a stimulus from a Clydesdale and an Arabian. We wouldn’t expect a 31 year old Paint horse to behave like a 2 year old Shetland pony. The great part is that there are so many breeds and characteristics in horses that we can all find our match. The individual or breed that bests suits our temperment and our athletic endeavors and our sense of beauty. But I think it is safe to say that we all find inspiration in the gifts of each of the different breeds. It’s easy for us to respect and value these amazing animals in all their various forms. Maybe we horse people, or animal people in general, can help the world right now. Let’s give eachother the room to handle this stressful time in our own ways. Within the limits, of course—just like we expect out of our horses. But within the limits, it’s ok if you’re a high adrenaline Tb eventer and I am a stoic warmblood prone to ulcers. It is easy to see the beauty in horses. Even with all of their quirks and weird habits, we give them room to be themselves alongside of us. We can do that for each other. We can accpt that we are all going to handle this differently. And we can respect each other in that process. I would argue that we need to do that for each other. Our human herd is depending on us. And our horse herd wants us back.